Entering Thailand OTC and Healthcare Market

November 16th, 2023 | 10:00 CET time


Diego Sala, Managing Director in Siam Trade Development;

Ignacio J. Diaz, Managing Director in Emergharmalink

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Entering Thailand OTC and Healthcare Market


By providing in-depth knowledge of the Thai OTC and healthcare market, regulatory pathways, commercial evaluation, business cases, and insights into upcoming changes with ASEAN harmonization, the workshop aims to equip participants with the strategies and tools needed to successfully enter and navigate the Thai market.


Workshop Overview:

The workshop “Strategies for Entering the Thai OTC Market” is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Thai market, the regulatory pathways for OTC products, the commercial aspects involved in portfolio evaluation, and the upcoming changes with ASEAN harmonization. The program will include interactive sessions, business cases, and a Q&A session to facilitate a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and strategies for success.


Workshop Agenda:

Short introduction (5 minutes) Block 1: Thai OTC Market for an Increasing Urban Middle Class (20 minutes). J. Ignacio Diaz

  • Introduction to the Thai OTC market and its potential for an increasing urban middle class seeking Western standards.
  • Analyzing consumer trends and preferences in the Thai market, focusing on the demand for OTC products and self-care.
  • Role of E-commerce after COVID

Block 2: Regulatory Pathway for OTC, Food Supplements, Herbal Medicines, Medical Devices, and Cosmetics (40 minutes). Diego Sala

  • Understanding the regulatory requirements for OTC products, food supplements, herbal medicines, medical devices, and cosmetics in Thailand.
  • Exploring the registration process, documentation, and timelines for each category.

Break: 5 minutes Block 3: Commercial Aspects of Portfolio Evaluation (40 minutes). J. Ignacio Diaz

  • Evaluating the commercial aspects involved in entering the Thai OTC market, including portfolio assessment, pricing strategies, minimum order quantities (MOQs), and competition analysis.
  • Understanding the role of pharmacies and the increasing influence of e-commerce in the distribution of OTC products.
  • Examining the impact of doctors’ prescriptions on OTC sales and the potential for expansion in this area.

Block 4: Innovation, regulatory and market trends. Towards ASEAN harmonization (30 minutes). Diego Sala

  • 3 main strategies to enter in Thai market: legal and regulatory aspects to secure your business
  • Thai FDA is not a barrier for your market entry
  • Role and implementation of the ASEAN Harmonization.
  • Thailand in the “new normal”: how market has changed and how to approach it

Block 5: Break 5 minutes Block 6: Q&A Session (40 minutes) Diego Sala / Jose Ignacio Diaz

  • Addressing participants’ questions and concerns regarding market entry strategies, regulatory pathways, commercial evaluation, and business cases.

Block 6: Takeaways (20 minutes) Diego Sala / Jose Ignacio Diaz

  • Impact of the upcoming changes and opportunities with the ASEAN harmonization of regulations for Healthcare products. (DS)
  • Summarizing the key takeaways from the workshop regarding commercial activities, and providing actionable insights for participants. (JID)

Registration and Logistics:

  • Participants can register for the workshop online through an event website or by contacting the workshop organizers directly.
  • Registered participants will receive the necessary login information and any workshop materials prior to the event.
  • The workshop will be conducted virtually using a videoconferencing platform, allowing for interactive participation and engagement.
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