Thailand Cosmetic Market: beyond regulatory

The webinar was held on July 27th 2023 online on the Chinese platform Chemlinked, with over 250 attendees.

This the agenda:


  1. The market: Size, main players, consumers expectations, role of social media, trend for next years.
  2. Distribution Channels

2.1 Retail shops (B2B)

2.2 E-commerce (B2C)

2.3 Multi-leve and direct marketing (C2C)

  1. Import, Storage and Fulfillment

3.1 What you need to know about custom clearance (license, documentation, labels, Duties and VAT)

3.2 Point of entry: Warehouse requirements

3.3 Delivery: fulfillment services and 3PL

  1. License Holding: access the market without local footprints

4.1 Role of License Holder

4.2 Cost of license Holder

4.3 Who pays what?

  1. Regulatory Summary

5.1 Manufacturer Requirements

5.2. Notification Process

5.3 Common obstacles: be ready to…

  1. Conclusions
  2. Question time


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